Feb 04

Usb Travel Wall
How can I fix my old iPhone wall charger to work with the iPhone 3G?

I have a "Digital DigiCom Accessories" travel charger it works very well with my old iPod and iPhone (1st Gen / EDGE / metal new iPhone). I upgraded to 3G and each time you connect the charger for my phone says "This device does not work." I would like to make it work for my 3G. I will include pictures later. The little tag says "Model: HH-16 ter. INPUT :100-240-50 / 60Hz0.2A. Output: 10V — 0.5A. "Let me know what you think it should do so to be compatible. I do not want to buy another charger travel or have to go under my bed and unplug the USB wall charger every time I go somewhere!

Sorry. The custom of accepting phone charger old. Apple changed. And you get a couple of new ones from Amazon? They are around $ 7 shipped and get two of them. Connect the sync cable and start charging.

EU USB Travel Wall Home Charger Adapter for iPod / iPhone White

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