Erin’s My Space PictureWelcome to Get An Apple Today. My name is Erin.

Although I live in one of the most beautiful areas in the United States, I have mixed emotions about my surroundings. I don’t like some of the kids at my school. I have nothing to do with them. They smoke, they drink but I don’t. What I love more then anything is my new iBook Computer. I also love photography and making videos. I want to purchase a Nikon D40x and a JVC HD7 so I went ahead and even though I’m still in Middle School I just got a job.

Presently, I use my Dad’s Nikon D50. All the pictures I take go on to my Flickr account. Search for me under Erin Carmen. I love playing Xbox Live and going on MySpace. You could say that I am obsessed with MySpace. I can’t wait to start my job so I can afford to buy the Nikon D40x and JVC HD7 and Apple iPhone.

I like all kinds of music except for Jazz and Country. I especially like Techno and Alternative. That’s about it and I love my brothers. Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy and come back soon

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